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About Luke

Luke graduated from the University of Newcastle and immediately started his career in the coal mining industry as a geologist before working throughout NSW & QLD in a variety of different roles. Whilst working for Rio Tinto he became part of the team to successfully introduce Lean & Six Sigma into mining processes and he then went on to spend 6 years in steel manufacturing implementing a combination of Business Improvement methodologies.

Luke’s has been a full time Blue Bus Coach with Locomotive since 2014 and has been able to transfer the Blue Bus improvement process across all sectors and states in Australia & also New Zealand.

Luke is a passionate & energetic person who is able to connect with people and get them on the right Bus.

Luke’s Story

WHY I’m a Blue Bus Coach

Luke’s journey to being a Blue Bus Coach likely started at a very tender age growing up on the NSW far south coast living good old country values in a small country town. His passion for all things nature led him to a science degree and then 20 years of continual learning inside some of Australia’s largest organisations. Today he is a proud full time Blue Bus Coach.

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