Which Bus is driving your conversations today?

Posted on August 07, 2019

If conversation is a hundreds of times a day experience, why are we so bad at it?

A Google search of ‘art of conversation’ returns over 1.1 billion results! Go to the Amazon store and type in ‘conversation’ and you will be offered more than 40,000 results. Clearly, people are not satisfied with their conversations and having better conversations is a thriving business.

On the Blue Bus, we believe that great conversations – where people truly connect, share, learn and shape constructive outcomes – are not the rational product of learned skills, technique or tactics.

Great conversation is foremost framed by our mindset. It’s about self-awareness of the Bus we turn up on and drive during the ebb and flow of the conversation:

Is it about you or is it about others? Is it about swaying others to your view or about exploring different perspectives? Is it leaning into the topic or avoiding anything that challenges you? Are you listening to counter or listening to understand? Are you still in work mode or truly connecting with your family?

Which Bus is driving your conversations today?

The Blue Bus is a unique transformational vehicle that is revolutionising how we rapidly transform leaders, people, teams and organisations to adapt and thrive in exponential changing times. By using experiential learning we help you develop a sustainable culture of excellence in everything that you do.
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